Gas Key Valve Kit 1/2" NPT - Antique Brass

Gas Key Valve Kit 1/2" NPT - Antique Brass

Midwest Hearth
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• Solid brass valve for superior longevity and performance.
• Ball valve provides excellent on/off control without pressure drop.
• 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet.
• Easy 1/4-turn operation to turn on or off.
• Chrome floor plate and key for added beauty to your fire feature.
• ANSI Z21.5 CSA Certified
• 158,000 BTU


✔ Indoors
✔ Outdoors
✔ Natural Gas (NG)
✔ Propane (LP)
✔ Fireplaces
✔ Gas Log Sets
✔ Gas Fire Pits


• The main valve for the gas line supply MUST be in the closed position.
• Blow out ALL the grit, dirt or other foreign material from the gas supply line. Use a gas rated Teflon tape to seal all joints.
• Screw the gas valve onto the threaded gas supply pipe. Make sure the gas valve is in the CLOSED position.
• Run an air pressure test (2 PSI) on the system to test for leaks. Apply soap water to all the joints to signal any evidence of leakage. Turn on the main gas supply and retest for evidence of any gas leakage.
• DO NOT use excessive torque on the gas valve during installation.