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Identification Guide for 1984 to 1997 Dutchwest Stoves

There is a wide variety of Dutchwest stoves. This guide will help you identify stoves built between 1984 and 1997. Sometimes two or three model numbers appear on the identification plate; the model number for a stove may not be checked off. To start on identifying a stove, measure across the top plate, including where it overhangs the sides. Then, compare features with this guide to determine which stove you have. (Note that measurements are approximate).

Dutchwest Identification Guide Measurements

1984-86 and 1986-1990 Dutchwest Convection Stoves

FA224ACI A-plus Stove Identification

Dutchwest Box Heaters Identification

FA211 Rocky Mountain Heaters Identification

Catalytic FA267CL Adirondack Stove Identification

Non-Catalytic FA267L Adirondack Stove (1982-1984) Identification