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Fire Place Screen Install Instructions

Installing a Screen on an Existing Rod

When installing your replacement screen curtain onto the hanging rod, it is important to slide the rings and pull on in the correct orientation.

Make sure when sliding the rings on, that you have the end with "2 rings close together" at the center of your fireplace opening.

Before sliding on the last ring, install the screen-pull onto the rod. Then slide on the final ring. This provides less travel for the pull and makes opening and closing the curtain much easier.

How to Assemble Screen Panels on the Rod
Screen Assemble

Using a Midwest Hearth Rod and Valance Kit to Install a New Fire-Screen Curtain in Your Masonry Fireplace

Creating a cleaner and more modern look to your existing masonry fireplace can be easily accomplished by updating that "hole in the wall" with a fresh new screen curtain and decorative valance.

While there are a few simple "rod kits" on the market, they typically leave the rod and rings exposed. To achieve a cleaner, more finished look, it is recommended that you use a Rod and Valance kit to hide the ugly rod and rings. It also creates a nice finished look to the top of your fireplace.

The Midwest Hearth Rod and Valance Kit contains an expanding valance to fit a variety of sizes of fireplace. The kit is easy to install and includes all the necessary hardware. You only need to provide the tools and time to install.

 Fireplace Screen on Rod Only
Fireplace Screen on Valance Kit

As you can see in the photos above, the Midwest Hearth Rod and Valance Kit dramatically improves the appearance of an existing masonry fireplace!

Valance Kit Installation Instructions (.pdf)