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Most Wanted Chicken Rub by Midwest Hearth - YUM!

Most Wanted Chicken Rub - Midwest Hearth

We thought it would be great to launch a fun and tasty line of spice rubs and barbecue seasonings. We partnered with an award winning spice company to offer a truly delicious selection! So far, the most popular flavor has been the Most Wanted Chicken Rub.

5-Star Reviews on Amazon tell the tale: "Best chicken seasoning I've had. I bought the chicken seasoning, and the whole household adores this stuff. The flavor is bold, and just spicy enough. Use it nearly every time I make chicken, and it's even good mixed in with burgers. If your sensitive to spicy things, give it a pass, but if you like a little kick, it's perfect." 

Try all the flavors and see why they are "Most Wanted"!

Most Wanted Chicken Seasoning by Midwest Hearth

Chicken Seasoning Ingredient List