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Chimney Brush Comparison - Made in USA vs Import

Chimney Brush Comparison - Made in USA vs China

A simple search for chimney brushes on Amazon will yield a large variety of brand names and sellers.  The price differences are equally wide and can leave you wondering "what is the real differences between these?".

To better help you understand and visualize what the differences are, we ordered a competing "low price" brush from Amazon to compare to our own Midwest Hearth chimney brushes that we have made here in the USA.

As you can see in the image above, the quality differences are dramatic, as well as how they will perform cleaning your chimney.  The larges area of concern are the bristles themselves which are responsible for the actual cleaning duty inside the chimney.  The competitor bristles were significantly softer providing very little resistance to bending nor capable of scouring the baked on creosote inside the flue.

From a construction standpoint, the most worrisome feature for durability was the fitting itself.  With barely a half inch of crimped area holding the threaded fitting to the brush, the chance of the fitting detaching during scrubbing is increased.

We hope you find this comparison helpful.  Midwest Hearth is committed to providing homeowners with the best quality chimney brushes available.

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