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BBQ Thermometer Gauge - What is Parallax Error?

BBQ Thermometer Gauge Parallax Error

One of the key differences between our Deluxe and Standard BBQ Smoker Gauges is the use of an anti-parallax dial.

Parallax error is caused by the pointer of the gauge being in a different (higher) plane than the printed scale on the face of the dial. The larger the distance between the pointer and the dial face, the greater the error.

The image above shows our Deluxe gauge (left) and our Standard smoker gauge (right). Both gauges are at the same temperature. As you can clearly see, when you look at the gauges from an angle, the gauge on the right appears to be pointing at a different temperature (this is the parallax error).

The Midwest Hearth Deluxe Smoker Thermometer sinks the pointer so that it is flush with the printed scale on the outer dial of the gauge. This effectively eliminates parallax error when reading the temperature from an angle.

To reduce parallax error on any gauge, try to read the thermometer directly from the front if possible.